Gecko Robotics – Helping Robots Take Over Infrastructure


The nationally recognized infrastructure robotics company, one with the likes of Mark Cuban being an active investor, was looking to improve the measurable impact of their advertising performance.

Considering the slate was starting clean, a variety of internal Diverge Days were completed with the client’s executive team to better understand the brand and business objectives. After defining the priority accounts for growth and the priority accounts for acquisition, we integrated directly with the client’s sales team to solidify the gameplan for new-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

After integrating the correct DSP option into the Gecko Robotics internal infrastructure, advertising was made tailoring 10-separate companies. Each company cohort was sent advertising with differentiated messaging with the goal to position our client as the clear choice for the specific industry they were in and the specific service they could purchase.

While cross-pollinating corporate email domains and IP addresses, we made sure the advertising was sent uniquely to each corporate account. The results were unexpected but expected the whole time.

+ 1.9M new deals influenced

+ 150% revenue influence

+ 51% advertising-attributed pipeline lift