CE began life as a one-man shop in a college dorm room. Today it is the first marketing communications group of its kind offering global advertising,
commerce, and consumer experience services.

In 2018, our founder Kyle Borgman, decided to start an advertising agency focused on driving financial growth after experiencing a drastic turn in
life. That daunting situation endured by Kyle was the catalyst for what has become the foundation for the world’s first Unizontal™ marketing
group embracing speed, simplicity, and financial accountability for global, multi-national, regional, and local clients.

Kyle always had what some would call the “entrepreneurial bug”. From selling hand-drawn posters of friendly names to hang on lockers on the sixth
grade to embarking on a journey to cure cancer leveraging the behavioral science behind aromatherapy as a senior in high school. Although his mind was
continually focused on the “next big thing”, he was also focused on the next Friday night football game in those days.

Being a devout athlete, he experienced multiple ACL tears throughout his high school and collegiate career. After the third ligament tear, his collegiate athletic
trainer notified him that playing football any longer was not an option. At that point, the university pulled his athletic scholarship, and it was at that time that Kyle
decided to start what is known today as Circletree Enterprises.

Shortly after creating the Holy Trinity of Account Service (speed – simplicity – financial accountability), Kyle designed a concept applicable to holding groups in the marketing industry called Unizontality™. This structural concept provides CE clients with a marketing group that can apply horizontal staffing to their project, meaning the best talent is working for their account, while maintaining the speed and simplicity advantages of a small boutique agency no matter how large or fast CE grows. An advertiser’s three favorite words in today’s age; talent, speed, and simplicity. Unizontality™ also drives speed and
simplicity within CE itself across the dedicated client teams which has historically been an issue for legacy holding companies in the advertising industry.

CE started as the most unqualified agency in the world but has morphed into the marketing communications group it is today, the first of its kind driving speed, simplicity, and financial results for clients across the globe.