We make a living by what we get but a life by what we give.
Kyle W. Borgman, executive chairman and group chief executive officer at CE, noticed his alma mater doing something incredible. The Freedom Area High School Girls’ basketball team was headed to the state championship for the first time in school history!

We decided to make these girls’ weeks a touch more memorable. After discussing, we felt that a surprise shopping spree at Dick’s Sporting Goods for these young ladies would be the best option.

After receiving district approval, our team scheduled a private bus and chauffeur and gave Dick’s Sporting Goods a timely notice (which was greatly appreciated).

After Freedom’s second to last basketball practice of the year, Kyle Borgman visited the girls’ team and gave a speech wrapped around the idea of “setting the new standard”. Of course, at the end of the speech, the girls were told about the shopping spree
and off they went!

Not only was this very appreciated by the girls and their coaches, but it gave a lively boost to the entire community and the surrounding areas. Yes, a day we surely will not forget!


increase in smiles.


increase in laughter.


increase in tears.