Our History

Circletree Enterprises began as a simplistic marketing agency years ago. Today it is the first horizontally unified communications holding company emphasizing speed for global, multi-national, regional, and local clients.
In 2018 Kyle W. Borgman founded Circletree Enterprises out of his college dorm room with a broken iPhone and alaptop that kept a charge for 30 minutes at a time. He had high hopes to turn Circletree into an agency that helped clients drive sales on the short-term without sacrificing the customer experience over the long-term. While he achieved that goal, the bug of innovation found its way to Circletree.

The company was renamed as “CE”, with Kyle W. Borgman as the Executive Chair and Chief Executive Officer. The goal of CE was simple; build the first horizontally unified holding company in the communications industry that emphasized speed and agility for all clients.

Horizontal unification is a unique process developed by Kyle W. Borgman which creates a unified entry point into the entire network for all clients while maintaining the ability to apply the horizontal staffing concept for all clients working with the Group. The benefit is an element that none of our Group’s competitors have; speedy and agile operations while efficiently working with the best talent across the network.

Our team members have experience working with some of the best companies across the world and boast some of the best creative awards in the advertising community, including the highly coveted Cannes Lion!

Moving forward, CE will invest a significant amount of focus on our responsibility to apply sustainable actions, to ensure our own and our supplier’s business conduct, to push diversity & inclusion, among much more while staying fully transparent in the face of clients and investors.

Its time to make a difference, for our talent, for our clients, and for the world.