Self-defense belongs to every gender and race – just ask Legal Heat.
Legal Heat, the second largest self-defense educator in the United States, was fresh off being acquired by U.S. LawShield. Unfortunately, they were experiencing a significant decline in sales and the inability to attract the female audience, so they
brought Circletree Media into the ring.

The entire industry targeted one specific audience: middle-aged Caucasian males. The competitive set was not interested in attracting diversity in race or gender which left a gaping opportunity for Legal Heat.

After conducting our Divergent Planning process and completing multiple Diverge Days, not only did we uncover that other genders and races did not feel comfortable attending competitor classes, but we also discovered that 99% of Legal Heat’s current
consumers described themselves as “calm and protective” versus “high-strung and aggressive”. Was this true? Not necessarily, but one thing was glaringly obvious: everyone sure wanted to be seen as protective, not aggressive.

After “softening” the brand identity, activating the brand tagline “Protect What Matters Most”, and launching the “When It Matters Most” campaign, Legal Heat watched sales skyrocket almost immediately, while increasing diversity in each of their classes being held across 38 states.

One company, four stimulating words – changing the selfdefense industry forever.


increase in female transactions.


increase in store transactions.


increase in company revenue.