Personalization matters, even across the most complex business units in the world.
Gecko Robotics, a Mark Cuban-invested infrastructure robotics company, was testing the waters with new DSP options. After choosing, they tasked Circletree Media with learning, consulting, and executing with the new direct-side platform.

After multiple Diverge Days with Gecko’s internal sales and marketing staff members, the decision was made to move forward with personalized campaigns across their top 5 highest priority accounts and prospects.

Ensuring sales messaging was aligned with marketing messaging for each account, we activated one campaign across each account focused on positioning Gecko as the perfect option to supply the specific service that the account would purchase.

Efficiently and effectively, our team was able to successfully hand off DSP management to Gecko’s dedicated marketing team while keeping advertising and creative personalized across each account and executing with incredible speed.

Speed and simplicity bring results – results in that matter.

$1.9 million

new pipeline deals influenced.


account specific total pipeline lift.


account-specific YOY revenue influence increase.