US LawShield – Creating Inclusivity to Drive Market Share


The nation’s leading concealed firearm insurance provider was experiencing dramatically decreasing revenues within a recently acquired subsidiary company. After a variety of attempts to fix the issue, they decided to take the problem to us. Their request was simple: Drive revenue and steal market share as fast as possible.

After completing a significant amount of intensive quantitative and qualitative research sessions, a key insight was immediately pulled; our entire competitive set, including our client, was focused on one singular audience which was essentially simplified down to “middle-age white males”. We decided to spearhead the industry by being the first company to create more inclusive environments positioned better for other genders and races.

After completing our proprietary Pyramidal Branding Procedure, the refreshed brand was immediately seen as more “welcoming” and less “intimidating” to a larger number of target consumers. After clarifying the brand and business objectives, we immediately moved into defining nearly 50 consumer cohorts using geographically targeted demographic and psychographic data being pulled from each of the 400+ trade areas for each class across the entire nation.

While “day trading” media placements for each separate class trade area, we made sure the right person saw the right message on the right device in the right mindset. The results speak for themselves.

+ 122% female transactions

+ 92% store transactions

+  83% system-wide revenue