Zalat Pizza – Oops, We Used a Little Beef


After a 5-year period of significant year-over-year growth, the fast-growing regional pizza chain was getting eager to take a step to the next level. After interviewing a variety of agencies from across the nation, we were selected as the with three very specific goals in mind: Maintain the brand image, increase store AUV, and get advertising expenditure under control.

After compiling a tremendous amount of qualitative research, we discovered that their customers raved about one specific item, their 100% all-beef pepperoni. After analyzing thousands of demographic and psychographic data points within each unique trade area, we defined nearly 30 buyer personas to run advertising against in each unique trade area across the region.

Instead of running regional media, we decided to dominate the 10–15-minute drive radius of each location with live hyperlocal media placements that were adjusted and traded daily to ensure underperforming areas were addressed and under indexing messaging was adjusted to the hour.

Without using any discounts or coupon deals, we drove results they had never seen before.

+ 550% advertising transactions

+ 6% system-wide net revenue

–  24% advertising expenditure